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If your company is growing, you need a business lawyer who can devise strategies to help you expand and protect your organization. It takes experience, knowledge and foresight to successfully prevent and resolve legal problems in the most cost efficient manner.

New York business attorney Steven Mancinelli has a 27-year background of proven results in helping companies achieve outstanding success, while safeguarding their interests. Mancinelli & Associates counsels corporate management, entrepreneurs and business professionals on a broad range of commercial transactions, and litigates in both federal and state courts.

Mancinelli & Associates, P.C. handles matters related to contracts, corporations, partnerships, limited liability entities, franchising and licensing. A major focus of his practice is on intellectual property, software, technology, Internet and e-commerce cases. The firm also facilitates and advises business purchase and sale deals.

Clients include many cutting edge growth companies in a wide spectrum of industries. Steven also represents numerous professionals in creative lines of work, including graphic arts, software, computer and video gaming, product development and merchandising, music, writing and sculpture. 

Business and corporate clients are continually impressed by Steven’s effective yet practical approach to legal issues, allowing them to charge ahead in the marketplace. Here’s what one satisfied company owner said recently:

“We’ve more than satisfactorily worked with Steven Mancinelli for almost 24 years. We once made the mistake of hiring a larger firm, but quickly realized that we missed the integrity, creativity, brilliance and attention we already had with Steven (at substantially lower fees for service). We have recommended Steven to many of our colleagues and all have been as satisfied as we have been. Steven is a brilliant attorney who has skillfully assisted us in either completely avoiding, or quickly and easily settling, legal issues. We give him the highest possible recommendation.”

Marla Supnick, President, Unified Field, Inc.


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